Poll Results and Viki subs

Poll Question Votes Percentage
Yes, but just for JSS/MB because WRD is completed on Viki/I didn’t like it. 90 45.45%
Yes, but just for WRD because I’m not a fan of Ch7. 10 5.05%
Yes, for both. I’ll wait as long as I need to. 39 19.7%
No, because it’s been too long and I’ve lost interest. 59 29.8%

The results are in, and frankly, I’m surprised. Continue reading

Monsoon Bride: Episode 3

You’re probably wondering why I’m showing a foot of all things. Well it was between this and Monta’s smirking face, and since I can’t abide her, I opted for the foot. Despite all of Khem’s clever ways and quick thinking, it just goes to show you that even she’s no match Continue reading

Jao Sao Salatan / Monsoon Bride (Eng sub)

Jao Sao Salatan

Title: Jao Sao Salatan
English Title: Monsoon Bride
Episodes: 20
Airing date: January 13, 2014 – March 18, 2014
Production Company: Kanta
Genre: Romantic-Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Opening theme: Rai Reu Rak by Om Akaphan & Kwan Usamanee
Sub theme: Kwarm Jing Tee Sood Khong Hua Jai Continue reading

Kwarm Jing Tee Sood Khong Hua Jai

Title: Kwarm Jing Tee Sood Khong Hua Jai (My Heart’s Irrefutable Truth) (ความจริงที่สุดของหัวใจ)
Artist: To Be Confirmed (รอยืนยัน)
Soundtrack: Jao Sao Salatan (เพลงประกอบละคร เจ้าสาวสลาตัน)

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Om Akaphan & Kwan Usamanee – Rai Reu Rak

Title: Title: Rai Reu Rak (Cruel or Loving) (ร้ายหรือรัก)
Artists: Om Akaphan & Kwan Usamanee (อ๋อม อรรคพันธ์ & ขวัญ อุษามณี)
Soundtrack: Jao Sao Salatan (เพลงประกอบละคร เจ้าสาวสลาตัน)

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Prospective Projects

Ch3: Wiang Roi Dao (It’s the name of Wiang Kaew’s house, so no English translation)

Ch5: Koom Nang Kruan (House of the Weeping Woman)

Ch7: Jao Sao Salatan (Monsoon Bride)

Mystery seems to be the theme for the new Monday-Tuesday time slot, and believe it or not, I am seriously considering all three lakorns as my new subbing project. I don’t think I ever remember a time when all the shows from the same day have appealed enough to me for me to want to sub them. Continue reading