Love Hidden in the Wind – The Confession scene

First of all, I apologize for the late update, but updating sporadically seems to be my norm. The only difference between my busyness then and my busyness now is that I was recently promoted at work so I’ve been extremely busy with my new responsibilities which has left me with little to no time for anything. I’ve only recently started to get a handle on my workload which led to me watching lakorns again (or lakorn in this case). Continue reading


Meet the Bitches

It comes as no surprise that it’s been ages since my last post, but what is surprising — to me at least — is that after my hiatus, of all the lakorns on my to-watch list, I end up picking one that isn’t on there: Songkram Nang Ngaam (which, for those of you who are interested, means War of the Beauty Queens/Contestants), or as also known by it’s official English title: Beauty and the Bitches. Continue reading

Poll Results and Viki subs

Poll Question Votes Percentage
Yes, but just for JSS/MB because WRD is completed on Viki/I didn’t like it. 90 45.45%
Yes, but just for WRD because I’m not a fan of Ch7. 10 5.05%
Yes, for both. I’ll wait as long as I need to. 39 19.7%
No, because it’s been too long and I’ve lost interest. 59 29.8%

The results are in, and frankly, I’m surprised. Continue reading