LMGT 10+11

I was supposed to upload it awhile back, but there are just not enough hours in the day or enough days in the week to do everything you want and need to do. Since I’m so behind in everything, I decided to upload 2 episodes this time. Episode 11 is a bit glitchy, so I do apologize, but it’s viewable. I couldn’t get it any better. The only problem I foresee in the future is that I’m not sure when episode 12 will be up because I don’t remember where I put my LMGT discs. I’ll start looking for them as soon as I get episode 2 of Tai Ngao Jan squared away. So without further ado, enjoy.

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Luke Mai Glai Ton (Eng subs)


Title: Luke Mai Glai Ton/Look Mai Klai Ton
English Title: The Fruit Falls Far from the Tree
Episodes: 20
Airing date: August 12, 2000
Production Company: DaraVDO
Genre: Family Drama, Romance
Opening theme: Krai…Sak Khon by Rataya
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