Bie Sukrit – Gerd Mah Koo Gun

Title: Gerd Mah Koo Gun (Born to be a Couple) (เกิดมาคู่กัน)
Artist: Bie Sukrit (บี้ สุกฤษฎิ์)
Soundtrack: Koo Gum (เพลงแทนความรู้สึกจากละคร คู่กรรม)

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Glossary: Khong taai

It’s not always easy trying to find the right word when you’re translating. Sometimes I know the meaning of a Thai word but can’t seem to find an English equivalent to it, or the meaning of the word is lost on me (especially if it’s slang). I don’t presume to know how every Thai translator feels, but I’m sure once in a while they will come across a word that just stumps them. That’s why I decided Continue reading

The end of fansubbing?


One thing I’ve noticed over the years as Viki gained speed is the gradual disappearance of fansubbing groups or individuals. Viki’s platform makes it easy for fans to help time (or segment, as they say on Viki) and translate whatever they can, whenever they can, which causes the work to get done faster since there are so many to help out at one time, unlike fansubbing groups Continue reading