Hello viewers and fellow lakorn addicts, thanks for stopping by. I wanted to write something witty and interesting that reflects who I am, but eventually it dawned on me that since I’m neither witty nor interesting, doing so would be an impossible task. — Well it wouldn’t be impossible per se, but if I did manage to pull off being witty and interesting, it would be a false representation of who I am. You see, the truth is, I’m just a dull, sometimes diligent, mostly responsible procastinator perfectionist who is oftentimes too serious for my own good. (And by perfectionist, I mean I intend for my work to come out as perfect as possible, but the longer I spend editing and fixing things, switching back and forth between which word to use instead, the more my work comes out sloppy in the end because I eventually get to a point where I get so sick of it, I just turn it in or upload it or release it just to get it out of my sight. It’s one of my biggest failings and one I keep meaning to fix.)

I may not be the best or fastest subber out there, but I always usually finish what I started, even if it takes me a really long time and people have given up hope of ever seeing the end of it. My work is not perfect — no matter how much I want it to be — but I try to do the best I can, whether it’s the video quality (I’m an amateur encoder at best so great video quality isn’t always possible — especially for older lakorns where the quality is already bad to begin with) or the translations.

Well once again, thanks for stopping by. I don’t actually blog and my posts aren’t consistent, but I hope you find something to like here.


P.S. I don’t twitter or facebook (who has time?), so the best way to reach me is through email. I try to log in every day, and although I can’t always reply to them in a timely fashion, I will eventually answer your email.

You can reach me at either: or

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