Luke Mai Glai Ton (Eng subs)


Title: Luke Mai Glai Ton/Look Mai Klai Ton
English Title: The Fruit Falls Far from the Tree
Episodes: 20
Airing date: August 12, 2000
Production Company: DaraVDO
Genre: Family Drama, Romance
Opening theme: Krai…Sak Khon by Rataya

(Drew) Andrew Gregson as (Non) Chanon
(Kob) Suvanant Kongying as (Sa) Rasa
(Chompoo) Araya A. Hargate as (Sasi) Sasikarn
(Kik) Suwatjanee Chaimusik as (Wan) Wanruedee
Vichaya Jarujinda as (Rak) Apirak
Pairoj Sangworributr as Chalerm Bordinthornwatchara
Chalit Feungarom as Panit Khiatchai
Phirawan Na Nakorn as Kanlaya
Michael Pupart as (Tat) Tatchai
Kanang Damronghat as Premjit
Nattarinee Kannasoot as (Kot) Bongkot
Tik Klinsee as (Nut) Manut
Thanongsak Supakarn as Aroon
Piyada Penjinda as Supa
Piyawan Jittanatham as Rot
Don Pruekpayoong as Joe

Twenty years ago, best friends Panin Khiatchai and Chalerm Bordinthornwatchara each started their own jewelry company and became successful gem tycoons. Panin has two sons, Chanon and Apirak, while Chalerm has two daughters, Wanruedee and Sasikarn.

Despite his success, Panin discovers his wife Kanlaya cheating on him with one of his best diamond craftsmen, Aroon. Kanlaya decides to leave him to be with her lover despite the tears and pleading from her sons. Due to her betrayal, over the years, Chanon grew up bitter and distrusting of women. Because his father and brother are both soft-hearted people, he had to learn to be hard and cold to protect them from anyone who tried to take advantage of them, especially women.

Chalerm, on the other hand, loved women and often cheated on his wife. One night, he raped one of their maids, Supa. Supa had just tendered her resignation as she was going to move with her husband. As a result of the rape, she ends up giving birth to a girl named Rasa. On her deathbed, she finally reveals to Rasa the truth of the circumstances of her birth.

After her mother’s death, Rasa vows to make her birth father beg for forgiveness from her mother at her funeral, but it was a challenge just to meet with him, let alone getting him to admit to the wrong he committed against her mother. Chanon, who happened to be present the first day Rasa showed up at Golden Jewelry Co., immediately pegged her as a con artist and helped security throw her out.

Circumstances lead Rasa and Chanon to become entangled in each other’s lives, and despite their opposing views in life, the two eventually fall for each other, even though Apirak is in love with Rasa and Chanon is betrothed to Sasi, Rasa’s half-sister. How will this love square end? Will Rasa ever be accepted by her birth father, and will Chanon ever learn to let go of the past and forgive his mother?

DL Links:
LMGT Raws + Subtitles Folder (Sorry it’s not the best video quality.)
**I only have episodes 7.8 and beyond; episodes 1-7.7 are subbed by SweetKob.

9 thoughts on “Luke Mai Glai Ton (Eng subs)

  1. YeuCandy says:

    Thank you so much for wanting to finish subbing this lakorn

  2. YeuCandy says:

    Do you have ep1-7 raw? If you do can you also upload it? Thank you

    • chobling says:

      I do, but I would have to rip them first. I think it’s better if I focus on the half I’m subbing first before I revisit the beginning (assuming I ever do).

  3. Swan says:

    thank you so much dear 🙂
    really happy that you’ll pick up this project ^^

  4. yeucandy says:

    When you finish the last half, please upload the fist half too. Thank you for your hard work.

  5. devylann says:

    thx! onf of my favorites from andrew and kob!

  6. devylann says:

    thank you! thank you!

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