A heroine in disguise, a hero with birth secrets, and family drama galore

Silhouette-question-markWhat do they all have in common? No, it’s not a Korean drama, although I’m sure there’s one out there that contains all three tropes. Actually, the correct answer is that they’re all lakorns I’m invested in at the moment.

I don’t know if any of you have caught the newly aired Nang Sao Thong Soi…Khun Jaew Mailek 1 (or as it’s translated in English: Miss Thongsoi, the Number 1 Maid). I watched the RS version a few years back starring Nook and Pol, and although it wasn’t great, I still enjoyed it, so I was excited when I heard they would be remaking it. I was expecting the storyline to be slightly different but the overall plot to remain essentially the same, and I was right. Basically it’s about our heroine Thongsoi/Madame Fondue who’s a successful career woman but is tricked into returning to Thailand by her dad and gets ambushed by a surprise wedding. Not exactly the best way to bridge the gap between father and daughter. After running out on her wedding, Thongsoi accidentally leaves behind her purse, which contained her passport, her ID, all her money and credit cards, and anything else that would make it possible for her to hide out and yet still live as herself. Thongsoi runs to her friend Nae for help, but Nae’s sick with the flu and perpetually low on cash, so when Thongsoi’s father and brother show up in her hospital room, Nae decides to kill two birds with one stone and helps Thongsoi hide by claiming she’s the new maid she hired for her boss’s family. Though suspicious of her, Khun Glang (which literally means the middle child) brings her home, and that’s where our story takes place. I believe this will be the fourth remake. I never saw any of the other versions, but the Channel 7 version with Kwang and Nott ended sadly (as in the leads didn’t get each other). In Nook and Pol’s version, they ended up together, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Ja and Por will do so as well (hopefully he’s divorced by then).

The other lakorn I’m watching at the moment is Tai Ngao Jan starring Great and Margie. (This is slightly off topic, but I have to confess to a pet peeve of mine. I’ve seen his name spelled as Great and Grate, and to be fair, there really isn’t a standard way of spelling Thai names — I’ve done my fair share of butchering the spelling of a Thai name — but my rule of thumb is you spell the name like the actor/actress spells it, so if at all possible, track down the celebrity’s personal IG or Twitter account. It will usually be a good indication of how they spell their name in English. For example, Vill’s name is pronounced View and usually that’s how most people would spell that name, but because she spells it Vill, it’s proper etiquette to spell it as such. So according to Great’s IG and his fanclub, his name is spelled Great, which makes sense because Great means “wonderful, first rate, very good,” while Grate means something that causes an irritating or harsh sound or something that rubs together in an unpleasant way, so excuse me when I say it grates on my nerve when I see his name spelled Grate. If his brother’s name is Good, it makes sense that his name would be Great, right? But maybe that’s just me?) Anyway, back to the lakorn. It isn’t apparent at first that our hero may be harboring a birth secret, but the idea is introduced pretty early on in the lakorn when his aunt voiced her speculations that Satayu/Toh might not be her brother’s son. His aunt’s not the most reliable character so her words should be taken with a grain of salt, but it was enough to plant a clue that his birthright would come into play later on. Pabu or Fleur, which is French for “flower,” makes up the other half (or is it third?) of the story. At first I wasn’t so keen on her character, but by the end of the first episode, I liked her and looked forward to her growth and maturity. This is another novel-turned-lakorn, and although I haven’t read the novel myself, according to reviews, fans had a hard time choosing between Pabu’s two love interests themselves, let alone having the indecisive Pabu make one. I can guess who she does end up with without reading any spoilers, and even though I like Buree just fine, I’m Team Satayu all the way.

Aside from these two, I’m not really watching anything else. I plan to finish up the Mafia series, but I think I’ll marathon Janie’s part when it ends. The last of the three descriptions refers to Luke Mai Glai Ton, my new subbing project. I know I still have to finish Jao Sao Salatan on Viki, but the lagging makes translating just that much harder and longer so it’s been an extremely slow side project. I wanted to really get into subbing again, but I couldn’t decide on a project to pick up. I have a few in mind, but what I really want to sub is Nang Sao Thong Soi or Tai Ngao Jan. However, I know myself well enough to know that I’d prefer to enjoy watching it without worrying about getting the next episode up. And besides, what little love I had for timing must have really and truly died. I think that’s been my biggest deterrent in picking a subbing project. You can’t sub something that isn’t timed or won’t be timed. In the end, I settled on Luke Mai Glai Ton only because I read that Channel 7 was going to remake it and that Om was going to play Chanon so I just knew there was no way Om could do him justice. I don’t think he’s experienced enough to portray the character. I’m trying to keep an open mind, however, because perhaps I’ll be proven wrong and he’ll wow me. Or maybe the storyline will draw me in regardless. Either one would work for me. Because of this news, I realized how sad it would be if its predecessor never got completely subbed and that prompted me to pull out my copy of Andrew and Kob’s version. The video quality isn’t great, but it’ll suffice. I try to stay away from projects that are already picked up by another fansubber or fansubbing group (it’s proper subbing etiquette after all) so I feel it’s only fair to give fair warning that I will drop the project if someone from SweetKob’s fansubbing group contacts me to do so. With all the copyright infringement going on, Thai fansubbing is becoming increasingly more difficult hobby to pursue.

13 thoughts on “A heroine in disguise, a hero with birth secrets, and family drama galore

  1. Maya says:

    Hello! ^___^
    You may want to consider also translate Tai Ngao Jan, after you’ve finished you’ll see?
    I would love to see it with English subtitles.
    Thanks in any case.

    • chobling says:

      I’m considering it, but no promises since Channel 3 seems to be cracking down on lakorns. If I do pick it up as a project, it’d probably just be releasing soft subs.

      • Maya says:

        Thank you very much for your answer, also in soft subs would be great, if you decide in the future to subtitle this drama, could you please put also the kind of raw you use and where to find them.
        Thanks again! ^ ___ ^

      • chobling says:

        Well it turns out I’ve decided to pick up TNJ as a joint project with Neko. Hopefully the first episode will be up soon.

      • Jazmin says:

        Hi Chobling, would you consider working with or letting us help you sub? With the recent crackdown in lakorns being subbed on viki, we at Jasmin’s Lakorn Blog have decided to take a more active approach to subbing. We already host many of your lakorns at our site, http://lakornsworld2.blogspot.com/

        We have volunteers who can help you with segmenting/timing on or off viki as well as editors. One of our goals is to get some lakorns subbed that needs to be finished, so we would love to help you finish Luke Mai Glai Ton, and Jao Sao Salatan.

        We would also love to help you Nang Sao Thong Soi or Tai Ngao Jan and if you need someone to time for you to pick it up, we can do that.

        Please send me an emall at jasminelakorns@gmail.com to let me know exactly how we can help. And thank you for all your subbing work through the years!

      • chobling says:

        Thank for the offer. Have sent you an email.

  2. devylann says:

    i love look mai glan ton so i hope you finish subbing it. i’ve watched the whole thing with no subs (i really love Andrew and Kob!). if you will, i’ll be a huge supporter!

  3. devylann says:

    oh and of course i hope that you will pick up Tai Ngao Jan with Great!! he has become one of my fave actors! thanks in advance if you decide to sub it!

    • chobling says:

      I’ve decided to pick up TNJ. I’m collaborating with Neko so it’s helpful, but I’m rather slow with it at the moment.

  4. meganjoy12 says:

    just saw the first ep of tnj was uploaded so wanted to come here and give a big thanks to you and neko for subbing it =)

    • chobling says:

      You’re welcome. I’ll try to get the next one up as soon as I can. I can’t believe how much time has passed since I finished episode 1.

  5. Meoconie says:

    Can you also consider translate Kor Pen Jaosao? another GreatMatt’s lakorn which was so well-written.

    • chobling says:

      I haven’t thought that far yet. I’m only working on Luke Mai Glai Ton and Tai Ngao Jan (and sort of Jao Sao Salatan) and I can’t even juggle them correctly. I’ve been toying with the idea of finally finishing Luerd Kattiya after these 2 projects, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I did watch KPJSSKHCJ and found it entertaining, but I really don’t know if I’m up to the task.

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