Love Hidden in the Wind – The Confession scene

First of all, I apologize for the late update, but updating sporadically seems to be my norm. The only difference between my busyness then and my busyness now is that I was recently promoted at work so I’ve been extremely busy with my new responsibilities which has left me with little to no time for anything. I’ve only recently started to get a handle on my workload which led to me watching lakorns again (or lakorn in this case).

I don’t know who out there is watching Lom Son Rak, but it’s the only one I’m watching right now (due to time constraints, not because nothing else catches my interest). (To be fair, I’m keeping an eye out for Naamtaa Kammathep because I enjoy parodies when they’re done well. I know the first episode aired this past weekend, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.) I’m not exactly sure why I chose LSR out of all the lakorns that are airing right now or have recently finished. It wasn’t one I was looking forward to, and it wasn’t even because there would be twice the Nadechs available because I’ve never even watched any of his lakorns before. (Yes, that means this is my first official Nadech lakorn.) As I was saying, I needed something to wind down with and LSR happened to be there, so I started watching it.

The first 4 or 5 episodes didn’t exactly draw me in, and usually by this time I would have dropped the lakorn, but I was curious enough to see how the storyline plays out (aside from Nadech being twins, I had no other idea what the storyline was about). Despite liking Taew and Pat, I wasn’t particularly invested in their character’s lives or outcomes, but at the same time, I didn’t dislike the lakorn either. I was on the fence…and then they got married and suddenly things got interesting. Sure, I think Mor Non is a jerk to put Patarin through what she’s going through whether it was his idea or not, but at the same time, I do kind of understand his dilemma. I was actually more interested in Pran, but since his amnesia, he’s been annoying. Even if I understand the reason for his character change, it doesn’t make him any more likeable.

I can’t say I’m fully invested in the lakorn, but the chemistry between Nadech and Taew and the acting from them is what’s keeping me tuned in. I know I won’t have time to sub the lakorn even if I wanted to, so I thought I’d sub some scenes like I used to in the past. However, after I subbed this first scene, I got lazy lol. Now I have a bunch of clips just sitting on my laptop waiting to be subbed and I’m not even sure I want to get around to subbing them. They’re mostly scenes of Mor Non and Pat, but there’s one of Pran and Unna and one of Pran and Pat.

This scene happened in episode 6, and honestly, I didn’t even think it would happen this soon. Mor Non seemed to be still hung up on Unna, and his growing feelings toward Pat seemed conflicting at best. I’m not even sure when it crossed the line from Confused to Full-fledged Love, but as long as he’s not wavering between the two ladies anymore, I’ll go along with it.

Hopefully when I’m in the mood to sub again, I’ll pick up another scene to work on. Who else is watching this lakorn and how do you like it (or not like it)?

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