Monsoon Bride: Episode 3

You’re probably wondering why I’m showing a foot of all things. Well it was between this and Monta’s smirking face, and since I can’t abide her, I opted for the foot. Despite all of Khem’s clever ways and quick thinking, it just goes to show you that even she’s no match for the deviousness of Monta’s mind. Khem was so close to exposing Monta and Nin’s evil schemes, but even she fell for Monta’s red herring. I have to admit, it was pretty clever of Monta to distract Khem from her real wound (the snake bite on her arm) by wrapping up her ankle and making it look like that could be from a snake bite instead. I kept hoping Khem would realize it for the trick it was (since it was a pretty obvious wound, I thought she’d realize Monta wouldn’t purposely draw attention to it), but alas, she fell for it anyway. Well I guess you can’t expect Khem to be as underhanded as Monta.

Chanon clearly has unresolved issues with Kwan, but I wish he’d be a little more proactive. Listening in on her phone call and following her to the condo was a step in the right direction, but he was so careless, I’m not sure he really meant it. It was like subconsciously he didn’t really want to know the truth (that Kwan/Khem was meeting her lover), so he didn’t take care to not get made while following her. He might as well have hitched a ride with Khem in the taxi and save gas for all the cloak and dagger it wasn’t.

Preeya continues to be as bland as ever (no wonder Chanon never fell for her no matter how pretty and nice she is), and despite Yo’s unswerving loyalty, I can see him becoming a pain in the future. One of Khem’s rules for Yo before she embarked on her Bangkok trip was clearly that if she didn’t pick up his calls, don’t call back again right away, and what does he do? Call her again right after she ignored his call. Sure, the ringtone scene was funny, but I’m the type that gets annoyed when people don’t follow directions or do as they promised, so it was more annoying than anything else. I’d also find that ringtone pretty irritating, but it’s nothing compared to Cho’s ringtone for his mom in Nang Rai Summer (but I digress). Annoying ringtone aside, I’m not even sure Yo actually loves Khem. They’re very close, and I’m sure he likes her to a point, but there are obviously things about her that he wished were different. I guess that’s true for any relationship, but I keep getting the feeling that Yo’s feelings for Khem are more brotherly than they are boyfriend-y. He’s clearly devoted to her and accustomed to the idea of marrying her, but that’s all it is: he’s accustomed to it, used to it. I suppose that’s why he’ll end up with Preeya (maybe?).

Anyway, I guess I was wrong about it ending this week. My guess is that it’ll end at 21 episodes, but definitely no more than 22. If it still doesn’t end next week, they’re seriously dragging it more than they need to.

By the way, I said I wouldn’t do this, but after some thought, I decided to upload mirror links for the video files. Like with Hua Jai Reua Puang, there will be one single file (mega) and 5-part (maybe 6 at times) mirror files (zippyshare). The subtitle will also be with zippyshare. So either download the single file by itself or the mirror files and join them with HJSplit, but you don’t need to download both of them.

Episode 3: Single | Mirror 001 | Mirror 002 | Mirror 003 | Mirror 004 | Mirror 005 | Subtitle

5 thoughts on “Monsoon Bride: Episode 3

  1. hentram says:

    thank you so much, gotta love zippyshare.

  2. Maya21 says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Mara says:

    Thanks for the subtitles!
    I hope you will continue to translate this Lakorn, uploading also the raw episodes,
    because see it on Viki is problematic for me.
    I am very curious to see how the story continues.
    Thank you again!!

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