Some announcements

As you all know, I’ve been extremely slow at subbing (Wiang Roi Dao ended yesterday and Jao Sao Salatan/Monsoon Bride should hopefully be ending soon if they don’t extend it due to its popularity), but even if I haven’t been releasing anything, I have been working on them. Between the two shows, I’ve timed 6 episodes and have translations for 4 of them. Now it’s just a matter of putting the translations with the timing (which I haven’t had time to do). Despite all that work, I’ve decided to put Wiang Roi Dao on hold since the Roy Dao Team on Viki has gotten a lot farther than I have and they’ve been more consistent at subbing it, so instead of waiting for me, please head there to watch it with English subtitles. Even though I plan to focus on Monsoon Bride, I still don’t have much time for it either, so I decided to team up with The Bride Team on Viki to work on the project. It’s the first time I’m working on Viki, so I’m still learning, but everything seems self-explanatory. Don’t worry, I’ll still be releasing softsubs here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

5 thoughts on “Some announcements

  1. shin says:

    Thank you so much for your update!!~~ AND your hard work!!

  2. Thank you for leting us know.

  3. Thanks…and Good Luck!

  4. asl says:

    lol im more curious to know ur thoughts and opinions on the two lakorns. i just recently picked up wrd again and im shocked to find out, it isnt getting much attention. im literally painfully waiting for subs on viki. the one thing i would exclude is the romance lol smart hasnt improved one bit but i dont mind. he is barely on screen so i dont often see him. actually the lakorn itself doesnt even need a pra ek lol

    as for jss, i tried picking it back up but i cant seem to enjoy it other than om/kwan great chemistry. im at the point of waiting for their next lakorn together after ep.6.

    • chobling says:

      To be honest, I haven’t gotten very far in either shows as far as viewing goes. For WRD, I’ve only seen it to as far as I’ve translated it, which is about episode 5. The storyline’s a little darker than I expected, but still consistent and coherent — which is good. Smart’s role does seem unnecessary, but I guess even if he’s not very friendly, his house offers Dao a place of sanctuary if she needs it (which, given how antagonistic and hostile her family is, she’ll need it). As for JSS/MB, I watched a little farther than the part I’ve translated to to get an idea of where it’s going. The story’s actually holding together better than other Ch7 lakorns, but even then, it still suffers from lots of filler scenes. I think they could spend less on Monta and Nin’s schemes to oust Khem from the house. Six episodes of it is more than I can take (probably why I’m so slow at working on them). Also, I don’t think the mystery is so…”sap saun” as they say in Thai (which means complicated/complex) that it would take Khem this long to uncover the truth. True, it’s not like the culprit is just going to come forward and admit it, and she knows nothing about Kwan’s life, which would at least clue her in where to start looking, but she has what most investigators don’t: an identical face to Kwan, so you’d think she’d use that to her advantage and go on the offensive instead of defending herself at every turn (of course, Monta’s pretty evil and Nin’s pretty psycho). But it’s not really Khem’s fault; it’s the writers. I wish the story was a little tighter (they could have shortened the first six episodes into three, maybe four), but all in all, still better than other Ch7 lakorns I’ve seen lately.

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