Monsoon Bride: Episode 2


Does anyone else suspect Chanon of being an exhibitionist? He’s always taking a bath in public, at his spa no less. Seriously, doesn’t he have a bathtub at home? Or is this normal at a spa? I’m sure it’s a private area, but um, hello, Kwanta walked in and he acted like it was normal. No wonder all his employees, especially the female ones, love gossiping about him.

It’s only episode 2, but Khem’s growing on me by leaps and bounds. She’s practically the only sane one out of the whole bunch. Chanon seems nice, but so far he’s too passive and preoccupied with the past for my taste. Out of all the men in this lakorn, I’d probably root for Khem to get with Yo (I mean come on, the dude takes care of her grandpa and dad while she’s away). If only he weren’t so corny. I don’t mind corny when they’re poking fun, but Yo is dead serious about it so I can totally understand why Khem can’t take him seriously.

We see more of Kwan in this episode, and everything they show us of her is innocent enough, but it’s pretty obvious that she’s a conniving, manipulative person. It’s not explicit, so I guess I shouldn’t have said it’s obvious, but it’s hinted pretty heavily that she is. Given Nin’s made-up claims to Non about Khem attacking her first, I’d be inclined to think that she and Monta also tried to set up Kwan in that scene in the past, but then again, maybe it’s because Kwan did that to them that they decided to do it back to Khem-as-Kwan. Judging by Kwan’s initial reaction, it looked like Nin was making it up, but when Kwan offered to apologize, it seemed as if she did do what Nin had claimed. How sad is it that when a person offers to do the decent thing, I automatically suspect it?

As for Nin, I thought she was crazy in the first episode, and she hasn’t improved much in this one. Her only saving grace is that she actually cares about her brother and wants the best for him. Often times you see the sister pushing the pra’ek to get with some bold, forward woman, and you’re left wondering, “Seriously? She thinks her brother should marry this kind of woman?” But in this one, the woman Nin is rooting for actually is (appears to be) a nice person (whose name is evidently spelled Preeya and not Priya). Sure, Preeya’s a little bland and kind of annoying in a sweet, passive way, but she seems to be a good person for now.

I know loyalty counts for something, but seriously, Non needs to get rid of Monta (or as Khem calls her Monto). She’s a terrible influence on Nin and an even worse person. I can’t tell whether Nin is just mean because she’s been spoiled so much or because she has Monta teaching her all sorts of bad things. Monta seems close to Nin, but sometimes I wonder if she actually cares about her because if she did, would she purposely lead Nin astray just to further her own agenda (ie, when she told Nin Khem was declaring war on her)? I used to think Muay (the actress who plays Monta) was a good actress. She’s been around for ages, and I’ve mostly hated her as she usually played a mean role, but I’ve noticed recently (since Pan Rak Pan Rai) that her acting isn’t as up to par as it used to be. Maybe I just never noticed because I was young then, but Muay tends to overact now and it really grates on my nerves. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Anyway, sorry for taking so long. I’m in the process of hardsubbing it now, but it probably won’t be ready until tomorrow because it takes hours. (At least by the time it finishes, I’ll be asleep.) It’s so much easier releasing softsubs.

P.S. Does anyone else find that clip of Kwan with her “lover” really tame? All it shows is her hugging a man, and it doesn’t even look loverly. How can that go viral? It’s not like she’s a celebrity where any kind of PDA would be a big deal. Anyone else think it’s her dad? It looks like it could be, and it looks like a “I’m so happy to see you” family hug, but then again, if it was her dad, Khem would recognize him, right, even from behind?

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11 thoughts on “Monsoon Bride: Episode 2

  1. OMG, I love your comment. Right to the point. 🙂

  2. bupbeteru says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time to sub this lakorn! Su su….

  3. Help, I don’t know why I can’t DL the subtitles. It hasn’t happened till now.

    • chobling says:

      But you were able to DL the video? Or you can’t do either? Which browser are you using? Chrome is the best, but you can DL an extension for Firefox. I’m not so sure about IE, though, because I rarely use that browser.

  4. I’ve DL from yesterday since now 16 ep.of another lakorn and these 2 parts of ep. 2 of Monsoon.bride, all from Mega. This file from ep. 2 was the only one that didn’t work. I use Crome for Mega, not Firefox, because I have a very high DL speed. Since yeserday till now, I’ve tried more than 5 times to DL subtitles for ep.2. This file definitely said a big NO to me. Thanks anyway.

  5. By the way, I know I’m out of topic, but I can’t retain myself to thank you for subbing Bo See Chompoo,,Buang Banjathorn, Jan Euy Jan Jao and Heart tugs. I love them.

  6. shin says:

    Oiii!! I agree I thought it might be her dad as well, because from those workers at the spa they did say something about the “lover” coming from afar…

    Thank you so much!!

  7. blue says:

    thank you so much
    could you plz check the link of episode 2 coz the same of episode 3

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