Wiang Roi Dao: Episode 1


The start of every story begins with an event that changes the course of things, be it something as small as taking a different route to work or something as dramatic as a ghost purposefully bringing your attention to the diary of your recently deceased [adopted] father’s diary. If you want to get technical, I guess you would say Wiang Roi Dao really started right at the beginning of the lakorn when she gets a new pair of eyes and starts seeing her biological mother’s ghost, but since that ghost wasn’t talking to her, she really had no idea what it wanted or where to turn to in search of answers. It wasn’t until the diary was brought to her attention that Roi Dao had her answers, and those answers led her straight to Thailand and Badinthorn House to be exact.

There isn’t much to say about the first episode of Wiang Roi Dao. Like most first episodes of any show, it’s just set up, but you do get to meet most of the people that will be important in the story later on — and there are a lot of them, including a taciturn and antagonistic neighbor, extremely hostile family members, and even unfriendlier servants. But at least Taew (Roi Dao) is likeable and sympathetic without coming across as a doormat.

If I had to pick the worst relative she has, it would be Wirawit. If I were Roi Dao, I’d be scared out of my mind in that scene, and to think even after he finds out she’s Roi Dao, his [alleged] half-sister, he still regrets not finishing the job. Ugh! What a scary, immoral creep!

Episode 1: Part 001 | Part 002 | Subtitle

The videos are in mp4 format because the avi version is twice as big (2+ GB). The mp4 files are roughly around 900 MB. I could upload them as single files, but I don’t know how most people feel about that. If you have an opinion one way or another, let me know.

Please use HJSplit to join the parts together.

3 thoughts on “Wiang Roi Dao: Episode 1

  1. hentram says:

    thank you for the links, I like it split into 2 or 3 parts but no more than 4.

  2. asl says:

    if only the male lead was not smart, it would have been perfect. altho i can tolerate him in some of his other lakorn, thats because he somehow gets paired up with a more talented actress and the script is actually good. i think i cried for wiang kaew a lot in the latter episode and much perfer wiang kaew story. this is such a mystery but i sort of cheated by reading some spoiler. altho i have been spoiled with one of the twist, the mysterious feeling is still there.

    thanks for the sub as well.

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