Prospective Projects

Ch3: Wiang Roi Dao (It’s the name of Wiang Kaew’s house, so no English translation)

Ch5: Koom Nang Kruan (House of the Weeping Woman)

Ch7: Jao Sao Salatan (Monsoon Bride)

Mystery seems to be the theme for the new Monday-Tuesday time slot, and believe it or not, I am seriously considering all three lakorns as my new subbing project. I don’t think I ever remember a time when all the shows from the same day have appealed enough to me for me to want to sub them. Unfortunately, there’s only one of me and three of them. The best situation is if I only pick one and sub it. There’s more of a chance of it being subbed the week it’s aired, but if I really can’t make up my mind, two lakorns is the max I can successfully (hopefully) pull off. Three would be overkill (although I wouldn’t really know unless I try it, right?).

Luckily, Koom Nang Kruan (House of the Weeping Woman) is being subbed on Viki (yay for Viki!), so I can cross that off my list (somewhat regretfully), which leaves me with two contenders. I’ve already timed the first episode of Wiang Roi Dao and am halfway through the first episode of Jao Sao Salatan (Monsoon Bride). At the moment I’m debating trying out both lakorns and seeing which one has the better response (I think Jao Sao Salatan will win in popularity, but personally, I’m leaning toward Wiang Roi Dao). — Unless of course, someone knows of a kind soul willing to take up one of the lakorns? I try to keep informed, but I’m not always successful of knowing who’s picking up what project, and the last thing I want to do is step on someone’s toes (sorry Mai!). So let me know what you think/or know.

16 thoughts on “Prospective Projects

  1. Reathanak says:

    I would love for you to sub Jao São Salatan! I love Om;). But be careful because of infringement laws. I’m sure both channel 7 and Grammy dings you. Thanks in advance for all of your work!

    • fatuma says:

      I love wiang Rio Dao the best but please what time is the second episode will come and thank you for subtitles in English I love it so much and please this is my email address so sent for me

  2. Lena says:

    Hi dear!
    Awww it’s so wonderful to see you back and that you are eager to sub!^^ All of these projects sound wonderful! I didn’t know that you wanted to sub KNK (I’m currently managing the Viki-channel for it). Sorry!
    Usually I’m too afraid of Thai ghost stories but the cast made me brave.^^ I think it’s the same with WRD. I’m not a big fan of horror but this lakorn seems to be far more a period romance and family drama than a horror drama. And I miss Taew a lot, she’s so wonderful! Thanks for subbing the OST by the way, it’s so nice to listen to.
    Regarding JSS I found the plot as crazy as lakorns can be. So many twists and turns, perhaps a bit too far-fetched. But this pairing Om&Kwan has an amazing chemistry that really lets the small screen glow. I guess it’s a hard choice… If it would be a help for you, you might sub one of these dramas on There are always helpers who dearly want to contribute and who might help with the timing. This way you would only have to add the subtitles in the prepared segments. But I also have to say that I’m a fan of your Youtube-blog-service. 😀
    I wish you a wonderful year 2014 filled with lots of great lakorns and wonderful real life experiences!
    Lena (Amelie3 on

    P.S.: Your blog-design is adorable! 😀

    • chobling says:

      NP about KNK. All that matters is that someone is subbing it. To be fair, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to sub it yet, so it all worked out in the end.

      Honestly, JSS was at the bottom of the list out of the three lakorns for me, and I could already tell from the first episode that it’s going to give me headaches as I go on with all its crazy, off-the-wall antics. However, since it’s not my usual fare, it will be a different experience for me. I haven’t seen two yet, so I can’t say much about their chemistry, but from what I’m hearing, I hope it’s sizzling because it might be the only thing that keeps me sane. Despite my misgivings, JSS does have its entertainment value.

      I did consider subbing one of these lakorns (preferably JSS) on Viki, but I’m not a big fan of working online since I tend to get distracted easily. Maybe one day when I learn to focus on one thing at a time. Even as I’m typing this, I have three other things going on, not all of which are on the computer/internet. Sometimes I think I love all the chaos though lol.

  3. daralakorn says:

    Hi Choblingfansubs, I couldn’t agree more! I really wanted to watch these three lakorns! However, I want to see “Jao Sao Salatan” more out of the three. It may be crazy but I love twist lakorns and especially i love kwan&om. I watch 1&2 raw and it’s entertaining/good. The thing is that not many ch7 lakorns are subbed for the past year. Koom Nang Kruan is already being subbed by viki team and thank god for that, i can watch it. As for now, i’m sure that wiang roy dao has more chance of being sub by people on viki or youtube, more than jao sao salatan. So please, if you can and have spare time, it’ll be fantastic if you sub jao sao salatan for us non-thai speaker since not many people will consider subbing it besides you 🙂 and everyone (fans of kwan,om,jaosaosalatan) would really appreciate your hard work. Also, I know of many who really hopes that someone would sub it. Will be waiting for your good news 🙂 Thanks!

  4. narayya says:

    jao sao salatan…i wish…

    thank you

  5. asl says:

    ur definitely right about jss and knk winning the popular poll but base on teasers and reputation of channel, production, acting chops, the safe choice would be wrd since knk is already taken by viki. also ch7 has a bad reputation lol well at least for me. 90% chance the their lakorn will drive me off the wall.

  6. ES6840 says:

    i hope you will sub WRD it is really an good lakorn so far

  7. Pajai says:

    Dear chobling subs,
    First of all, I want to thank you so much for working so hard and being so kind to us non thai speakers. I know for sure that it’s not easy to sub and translate. Thank you for choosing to sub and help us out here. I know it must be so annoying for people to ask you to sub the lakorn that they want, but it’s because they are really suffering and I know how they feel because I am one of those people too. At the moment, I am dying to understand and know what is going on in Jao Sao Salatan. I don’t know why but Wiang Roy Dao doesn’t interest me and aslo like what the others said, it probably has a higher chance being subbed while Jao Sao Salatan has 0% subbed, not just subbed it’s not even allowed to be uploaded which is very sad for us viewers because we don’t get the chance to see it. Please consider subbing Jao Sao Salatan for the 100th time as i am sure so many people have asked you. Give Jao Sao Salatan a chance then you can judge it 🙂 Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

    Pajai Xiong

    • daralakorn says:

      Hi Chobling fansubs, as for now i have good news for you and everyone else who is a fan of wiang roi dao. I saw a channel on youtube “subtitles thai lakorns movie” and it’ll be subbing “Wiang Roi Dao”. It barely started so only the trailer is out and I’ve check, it’s on going so I’m assuming they’ll be subbing the whole lakorn 🙂

      • Pajai says:

        Thanks for the update!! That’s great news for sure!!

      • chobling says:

        Thanks for keeping me updated, but the teasers I saw were mine, so I doubt they’ll be subbing it. For now, I’ve decided to torture myself and sub both WRD and JSS, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I don’t get too overwhelmed by the workload.

      • asl says:

        u probably have figured it out but the yt channel u r speaking of is not the subber. that person annoys me, he or she could at least give credits to the original subber.

      • chobling says:

        Yes, I know what you mean. They should give credit where it’s due (and it wouldn’t take them long to do that either – it’s just a few words) because the people who worked on them worked really hard on them. Such a shame that there are people like that.

  8. Biscuit says:

    Hey Chobling! First time coming to your Blog but I hope you decide on Subbing WRD. I really want to watch it but without subs it’s too hard to understand. I hope you consider subbing WRD. I REALLY want to watch it.

  9. daralakorn says:

    So I’m guessing they use your teaser, got me happy for a second but good thing that you decided to sub both lakorns, it’s going to tire you out but really, thanks for your time and we all understand that it’s going to be hard for you so we’ll wait patiently instead of asking for more (rushing). Thanks for your consideration, your work are MUCH APPRECIATED! (:

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